Change has always been a fixture in my life. As a military kid, we moved every few years throughout my childhood. I actually attended three different high schools and moved right before the start of my senior year. A lot of people are horrified when they hear that, but to me it was normal.

After Brandy and I got married, we settled down in Colorado Springs for about nine years. That was the longest I’d ever been in one place. Sometimes, it was hard. That desire to move on, to change, to do something else pulled at me. It was almost like an itch. Although with each passing year the comfort of the familiar became less alien.

This Spring we will have been living in Kandern for ten years. Two of our kids have graduated from High School here, and Faith will be starting her senior year in the Fall. Profound change is a constant in this life we lead, but we have some fixtures: friends, a home, things that feel steady and familiar.

But all things change. In the next few years, a lot of the ties that have bound us to this place will be severed. The Totalization treaty that exists between the U.S. and Germany will force us to leave for another 366 days, and we’ll arrive at that magical moment in our German mortgage where we can sell without penalty or commit to another ten years.

The moment will be ripe to make a change. But should we? Is it the prompting of the Holy Spirit, or just that old itch? I’m not sure. We’d love to have your prayers as we try to figure it out.

Do you ever feel the need to move? To go somewhere new? Have you ever felt God calling you somewhere that you weren’t sure you wanted to go?

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