Website updates [Disclaimatory Cop-out]

Since my decision to reboot this blog and start posting regularly, I’ve discovered just how old and broken down it’s gotten. I’d sort of been keeping up with WordPress updates, but hadn’t been careful about maintaining permissions or done much of any testing to make sure old links still worked.

It turns out that lots of links don’t work. I’m sure there are pictures and videos that are missing. I’m doing what I can to get that fix what I can in my limited free time. But in truth, a lot of this is just old. Things change on the internet. Videos get taken down. Other websites go away. I’m not going to go back and revise old posts to remove missing content. That feels disingenuous to me somehow.

All that to say: if you find something broken feel free to comment and I’ll have a look. Some missing content has been maintained for reasons of historical preservation. <insert eye roll here>

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