We celebrated Thanksgiving tonight. It’s kind of early, but then Thanksgiving isn’t really a holiday here. It’s one of the many small little adjustments to life overseas.

Instead of a long weekend spent with family, we have to do something a bit different. We keep the holiday in spirit. We come together with our fellow expat colleagues, and we have a little pot luck dinner. All the usual traditions are represented. Turkey, mashed potatoes… you know the drill. One of the fixtures that wasn’t so familiar in the U.S. is the exchange of traditions. Someone always asks, “what did your family do back home?” Another, is that inevitably, someone at the table is from Canada. Comparisons are made. This year we had an interesting conversation about how the Canadian Thanksgiving (which lands in October) is likely influenced by the colder weather, and thus the earlier end to the harvest season.

It’s different. And yet… kind of the same. Coming together with people who are dear to us, sharing amazing food, and remembering just how good we have it.

I hope all of you have much to be thankful for this year.

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