How do you schedule your life?

I needed to schedule a meeting today. There were eight calendars I had to review, just to determine when I was available, and eleven other people invited to the meeting. We live in a crazy world.

So I used Doodle. If you’re not familiar, doodle is a website/app combination that allows you to block out periods on a calendar so everyone can vote for what days/times work for them. Great! And the best part is that none of the people voting had to create accounts. Just me.

Then I got an email from a colleague asking me to use his online scheduling system to set up a meeting with him. (Yes, I have a lot of meetings at this point in my life) He used Acuity Scheduling. And then, I considered how many emails went back and forth today trying to schedule other meetings.

Does this time work for you? No, how about this other time? Nope, that one won’t work for me.

You get the picture. These scheduling systems are becoming essential to our lives. I don’t love it, to be honest, I feel like these scheduling systems feel a bit pretentious. But I get the need for them.

So what are you using for your scheduling? What works for you? What doesn’t?

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