Mission Accomplished


I got off the plane sick and exhausted, but extremely pleased with myself. A mental image comes to mind: A brilliant sun-set fades into the hills outlining the figures of two people in reds and oranges too rich to be replicated. The secret agent on the left turns to the one on the right and with a satisfied smile reports, “mission accomplished.”


Mission accomplished. Those words send a shiver through me. I’m home again and I feel like I shouldn’t be, it all went too fast. I feel like we still had work to do, by the day we had to leave we had just begun to be able understand English through the heavy Romanian accents without asking for a repetition more than once. We had just begun to feel that these people were really our friends and not just momentary acquaintances. We had just gotten used to the insane and unpredictable schedules. But I guess this feeling of incompleteness is further proof that God, not man, is at work. Here, let me explain:

We arrived in Suceva with no idea of how or what we were expected to do for the week, only that God had got us here and He had the master plan. Throughout the whole week we were living for the minute, plans changed in the blink of an eye. Most of the time we were in the classrooms, practicing English with the kids, other times we were working on a project studying the types of good and evil that exist in the heart of man with one of the 12th grade classes. But at any moment classes we thought we were supposed to visit changed and we were instead sent off to different classes, or to practice English with a different group of randomly selected kids.


In the evenings, we were found loving on the dorm students, playing games with them, telling them stories, making music, or dancing with them. This doesn’t sound like your typical missions trip, even to those of us who went. But our God isn’t the kind you can put in a box. He will use whoever, whenever and however in just the most perfectly crafted way to get His work done.   The entire time we never knew exactly what was going on, schedule-wise or heart-wise, but we knew God did.  God was at work, and it was while we were still wondering what “thank you” in Romanian was, that God was working through us to share his love with the needy students.britt-romania-4

Even though we feel like we didn’t have enough time, we do know we accomplished what God sent us to do. We gave our time and our love to a group of people who God knew needed it very much. And just like planting a seed, you don’t always get to see it grow, or the results of that planting. But God knew just how everything was going to play out. He knew which kids were most lonely, who needed to be loved on. God, through us, got everything done the way it needed to happen. I am rejoicing in this truth, even though I wish we could have had more time with the kids. Thank you so much for your support, without you there would have been no “mission accomplished.”

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    Smiling for Jesus,
    Sarah Beth

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