Nearly two months later…

Well, I can hardly believe we haven’t posted since Aug. Life has been busy, busy, busy. But not in the way we had expected. But let me give you the run down on the family and see if I can post some pictures this time.


Well as a family we took a trip to Ulm, (above) which is where Ted and I met when we were 15, the first weekend in Oct. It was a very fun trip and I think the kids even liked it. We bookended it with a couple of very awesome castles so what’s not to like right? We stayed in a very nice bed & breakfast in Neu Ulm, so if you’re ever going that way we’d love to recommend it to you. We got a 3 bedroom suite for what we thought we were paying for one room. Awesome, very awesome.

Ted and I have been somewhat disappointed that our language classes have still not started back up. The school we began them in has had a very hard time finding other individuals interested in continuing them, so we are looking else where. Right now we are working a couple days a week with a German couple from the Meyer’s (our neighbors & co-workers of Ted’s)  church. Hopefully the beginning of Nov we will begin a more formal arrangement with a private tutor and 2-4 other individuals. Please be in prayer about this.

Due to the lack of finding language classes Ted has continued his work at the barn. It is coming along nicely. The hope is that it will be finished by January and all the offices will be open for business shortly there after.

I have been mainly figuring out what it means to have two children at BFA and one in German school and juggling all the various schedules, while trying out new recipes and seeing how adventurous my family is. They’ve been quite accepting of my crazy inventions. I’ve joined a bible study with some other English speaking ladies, we’re studying Beth Moore’s Patriarch’s. It’s very good.  My afternoons are pretty busy helping Faith translate her homework, so I’m getting some extra German practice even if I’m not in a formal school yet.

This is Faith and Annalyssa.  They are really good friends and go to the same German school.  They are in different grades but get to ride the bus sometimes together and play during recess.  Annalyssa is the daughter of another missionary couple that lives up the street.

Faith has been doing wonderfully in her classes. She was very excited about school and her new friends the first few weeks.  I think the next stage of culture shock is settling in for her and she is becoming less and less eager to go to school, “where they don’t speak  English to me at all”. Her teacher says she’s doing great and she needs to speak English less and less to Faith because Faith is understanding German more and more. But Faith would really like to just speak in her own language and be understood the first time. Anyone who has moved to another country has experienced that. So please be praying for good spirits for Faith.


Isaac has joined the Middle School Praise band and when he’s not playing the trumpet, he’s the only male singer in the group. The soccer games after school have been a huge delight to his afternoons. He’s always asking to go hang out with the crew of guys his age in our neighborhood so they can invent a new game to play with one another or just hang out and play computer games. Sometimes before the homework is done…Oh well, boys will be boys, right?


Britt is still loving BFA. She has been learning how vast all the cultures are for the many countries represented in her school. She loves being able to get on Facebook and chat with different friends who are in opposite sides of the world. She has been able to get reacquainted with lots of friends who are all over. Very fun.

Well I tried the picture thing, and it just didn’t work out so well.  But Ted came to my rescue so now the post isn’t quite so lame.  🙂

Blessings, Brandy

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  1. HI! Just wanted to let you know we check your blog from time to time. Great to read an update on the kids and the family. After a year of language studies we just started working a couple months ago. No team to serve with for us, so work is starting slow, but can be rewarding. Our kids are growing fast and we are waiting for #3 on Dec 20th. We got to see the Gonzales in Ecuador a few months ago and after 13 months in Peru we finally got together with Hannah Walker! (who lives here in Lima). Again, great to here the family is settling in. Blessings!

  2. Hi Ted and Brandy & Kids love the blog I’ll keep ya in my prayers. I’m going back to online school and after 35 yrs it’s sure a challenge to get back into learning spread sheets and all I’m learning e commerce. wish me luck! uncle Larry

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