61 (einundsechszig), 8.5 (acht und eine Hälfte) and 5 (funf)

We have been here 61 days. The kids have grown 8.5 cm all together with Isaac topping the charts at 4.5 cm all on his own, one cm in the last two days! Faith is the runner up with 3 cm and Britt has accomplished her goal of passing up me. We have 5 language classes down and only a million more to go to learn our new country’s language. Life has been crazy. And very enjoyable.

We love our place it is beautiful and very peaceful. Right now we have 10 days til Ted and Britt venture off to Hungary for GEM’s annual conference while Isaac, Faith and I keep the home fire’s burning. Or should we say the home de-humidifiers running. We do miss the dryness of Colorado that’s for sure. The day after they return Ted and I begin our next round of language school at 9am sharp. Britt and Isaac start their first year at BFA on the 25th. Faith gets to begin second grade in her German school the 8th of September.

God is good. He has provided many things for us and we are learning to be content in all circumstances. Because we had to use nearly all of our settling money on filling our oil tank so we could have hot water and some heat come the winter months, we have had to give up some of the things we’d hoped to be able to replace once we got here. Ted and I are living in a bedroom with our bed and one shrunk (we have no closets here in Germany). So we’re in desperate need of some bedroom furniture, among many other things big and small. We are learning how to do things quite differently everyday.

Our monthly budget is very tight, we knew it would be when we left Connecticut and it has been worth it, just to get here. We haven’t been able to go out and enjoy the area near as much as we’d hoped because gas costs so much, but we do have a gorgeous view. So we spend a lot of time just enjoying each other’s company and the things we already have. Which is what God calls us to do anyway. So we are growing in many ways. Some of us up, all of us in a new language and in spiritual contentment.

We need to raise more funds so that we can purchase clothing for all these growing children, pay for school supplies, fix broken media equipment, replace bedroom furniture, etc. So please join us in prayer as we begin to work on ministry partner development from across the pond. God will provide, we know He will, so we praise His name now and when the answers come later.

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