Nine more days…

Another frantic day of errand running is now behind us. I’m writing from Brandy’s computer while Apple puts a new superdrive in mine. We exchanged a mountain of email with the Meyers today hammering through details. Britt has spent most of the night on the phone. Brandy is getting very task oriented, and Isaac is encouragable. Everyone deals with stress in their own way. 🙂

Yesterday in church, the sermon was given by a missionary to Turkey who we’ve gotten to know a little while we’ve been here. He began by talking about how his life was going down hill until he found Christ. That thought has lingered with me because it is so much easier to go down hill. Down hill we can coast, up hill is always work. Getting this far has really been an up hill battle for us. I don’t like up hill. I want to coast. One of the lessons God has been teaching me, though, is that coasting down hill is just a quick trip to the pits. My walk with the Lord, following in His will is always going to be work. It’s always going to be up hill. When I’m exhausted and I can’t go any further, He may carry me, but the journey is always climbing, because at the end of the road is the most incredible summit we can imagine. That’s the goal. This side of eternity we will never get there, but we have to keep climbing.

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