29 Days…

“We’ve got 29 days to make it a foreign shore…”

Today is a big day. Brandy and I are driving in to Rhode Island this morning to pick up the rental I’ll begin driving back to Colorado tomorrow. We have to

get the rest of this house packed up, and loaded into whatever they give us at the rental place, but we also have to pack all our suitcases for Germany (so that we can be sure everything not in the car, or in the suitcases, is stuff we intend to leave behind).

It’s a big day for other reasons as well. Brittany is turning 15 today. She had her party last Saturday, a medieval murder mystery that she insisted I write, complete with a costume sewn by her Grandmother in Missouri and shipped next day so that she could wear it. Personally, I’m still struggling to get a handle on how to be a Dad for the fourteen year old, and she’s already moving forward before I’ve even gotten the hang of it.



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