January’s extended prayer update

January’s prayer letter is out, and you can get it here. However, we simply had too many things to share this month, so I wanted to share some of the details about last months prayer results here.

Church Meetings:

Many of you were praying for our three church meetings the end of December. The first, an update for Calvary Chapel (our hosts here in Connecticut) was canceled due to weather. We got a massive snow storm, and for safety reasons the deacons here were forced to cancel the church service. However, our God knew that was coming, and so he led me to prepare that presentation on DVD (our Cox News update below) and I was able to leave the DVD here while we traveled to Colchester the following Sunday.

December 23rd found us at Abundant Life Assembly of God in Colchester, an exciting church. New churches are always an opportunity to see God through someone else’s glasses, and we were blessed by the experience. Abundant Life is deeply committed to sharing Christ with their community and the world.  While there, we had a chance to talk to a lot of missions minded people, and hear about many of the ways they were reaching out with the love of Christ.

The Sunday after Christmas, we spoke at the evening service of Christian Fellowship Church of Scotland. They were actually just written up in the local paper, because of their incredible growth in the face of near non-existant church attendance increases in the area. Our evening with them upheld the growth rate, since once we finished speaking the body of the service was given over to baptizing new believers. We were also really stunned by their praise team. They were rehearsing as we set up our table before presenting, and we honestly mistook them for a CD. They are really good!

Both of the churches gave us a gift to thank us for speaking, which will go to further supplement our outgoing expenses. Both are neat churches, filled with open hearted believers, and we are blessed by having met them. However, we have not yet heard of anyone from these churches who has offered to join our financial support team. Please pray for God to raise up more supporters on our behalf!

House Update:

Finally, we wanted to update you on our house. While things looked a little iffy at first, the sale went through without a hitch. We’re extremely pleased to have one less thing standing between us and our departure. Praise the Lord!

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