Departure date

I’ve noticed that we are getting more hits on “When Do We Leave?” than on everything else on the site combined. I’d love to give you a hard and fast departure date, but I can’t. We need $729 in new monthly support, and then we can buy plane tickets, and set a date. We’re working hard to find partnerships to bring in that support. You can be a part of the effort though. God has the money, every dollar of our support. It’s out there. You are a critical piece of this. Please pray with us, that God will reveal our final partners to us, and pray also that God will soften the hearts of those partners. The truth is that sometimes when God calls us to give we resist. So pray, that God will soften that resistance. Of course, in addition to praying, you could take on a segment of that $729 yourself. If you’re already a giver, and things are tight, maybe you could take on just $5 more. If you feel the Lord nudging you in this way, please click the GIVE link above. We’d love to have your partnership!

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