Where is home?

Before I get going on spilling out the thoughts that are rattling around in my head tonight, I want to say a special thank you to all the people who have called or dropped a note recently to give us an encouraging word. The last several months have been good, but not at all easy. So we really appreciate you.

I also want to say a special thanks to all the guys who showed up to help us move. I have never seen a move go that smoothly. I never saw anyone standing around, and we got all the moving done in about 3 hours. It was truly amazing. God provided just the right amount of manpower and equipment.

Now I want to ask you, and this is not rhetorical, feel free to post your thoughts in the comments, where is home? We’ve spent the week bouncing back and forth between my parents house (the same one where I spent much of my childhood) and our house in the Springs (we’ve been cleaning, and packing up more boxes). Both of these places have been home. But which is home now? Spending nine days in Europe — a place that feels like home to me — I was reminded that home has absolutely nothing to do with location. I don’t really think home is a “where” question. Home truly is wherever my wife and kids are. That’s actually a very reassuring and freeing realization.

Tomorrow, we’ll be meeting with a realtor about selling our house. That’s a significant event for my children, who basically have grown up in that house. More significant still will be discovering the home God has prepared for us in Germany. What will it be like? We have so many questions and so few answers. For the last four years, to a degree, we have lived in a sort of half-world limbo. This past year and half we have dived into it completely. Where will we be in six months? What will it be like? Lord, when will we go? I won’t claim that it has been easy, because it has been more difficult than I ever could have imagined. However, I will tell you it has been a profound blessing in so many ways. I have had more time to spend with my wife than at any other time in our married life. I have met new people, rekindled old friendships, seen profound change in who I am, watched my kids grow into stronger, finer people…. As this season draws to a close, and we step into the next chapter, it is odd to be saying farewell to a time that has become an experience of home, a home I didn’t even know existed.

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