Where Do We Serve?

This is one of many long overdue posts. 🙂 Some time back, I posted about some of the changes that were taking place in the ministry where we serve. Our new ministry, GemStone Media, is the same ministry we were going to serve with before. However, a lot has happened besides just a change in name. First, our ministry strategy has been reevaluated, so that our goals are more in line with the need. Second, we’ve had several new staff begin the process of moving toward Europe. GemStone Media’s purpose is to create quality, lasting media that will have a ripple effect on Europe. You’ve read something similar in the two previous posts on that subject. What that means today, is coming along side of missions and ministries that are struggling and helping them produce the tools and materials they need to be successful. Long term, hopefully that will mean some more direct interactions with the European culture. Whatever the result, God’s hand is clear.

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