Our experience in Mission Training International’s (MTI) SPLICE program was intense. I’ve written about it some on our blog, but I wanted to share with you a little bit of the kids’ experience, and so I asked each of them to try to summarize their experience:

Brittany: “I am a third culture kid (or TCK) because of my living in three different cultures (the culture I was born into, the one I’m moving to, and the blend of the two, which is it’s own culture). I will never ”fit in” in one culture, but I was elated to discover that Jesus is a TCK too! Because Jesus had to live in Egypt, so He really does understand what my life is like.”

Isaac: “MTI was a very very fun place and the best part was that you got to go to class with your slippers on, and it is a great place to learn to grow into your [new] culture.”

Faith: “I like MTI because we went hiking & there was a very nice man who was my teacher, he was very funny.”

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