Selling our home is perhaps the most significant step we’ve taken toward the field since I quit my job nearly a year and a half ago. It’s also one of the scariest. I find myself continually facing the what ifs. What if the funding doesn’t come in by July? What if it never comes in? In recent weeks, God has been confronting me a lot with my failure to trust Him, and my need to try to do things my own way. This is another reminder of how quickly I get skittish when it comes time to really trust the Lord.

Some of you may have been sitting back so far. You felt the Lord tugging at you to support us, and have been meaning to. Maybe you’re waiting until we’re ready to leave, maybe you’re waiting to see if we’ll ever really go — yes, it seems like it’s taking forever to us too! Well, this is it. We have no fall back plan. I don’t have a job, shortly we won’t have a house. We’re throwing ourselves entirely on God’s plan. We know that He will deliver. We hope that, if you are a part of that plan, you’ll choose now. The giving doesn’t have to start until we go, but we have to know now, who is standing with us.

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  1. Ted & Brandy…

    Each time I read your newsletter, I wish I had the means to support you guys. I sincerly mean it when I say that we have already committed to support several other missionaries and have even had to decrease our contributions to them during this past year. which is a very hard thing to have to do. With this “new” job I’m working, we are still dipping into our “reserve” money just to break even. Don’t lose heart about the frustrations about support-raising. It will be intereting to see just how God will deliver you to Germany, just in time. Again, my heart & prayers are with you both, but unfortunatly, we just cannot make any additional financial commitments at this point. I’m darn close to trying to raise support myself! Have a great day and keep the newsletters coming…

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