Easter Ponderings

As I sat reading over the Easter story in Luke I began to realize a theme: Jesus weeping…for us. You would think someone as stressed out to sweat blood would be weeping for himself.

As we go through all of our transition to get to the field I find myself weeping a lot…for my self. After all I’m giving up my home, my security, my country, Mexican food, being able to understand the clerk behind the counter, my cat, my friends, my family, the list goes on. I have yet to shed tears for those in Europe who have no hope, no future, no happiness, but have the promise of eternal damnation if they don’t accept Christ as the only means to the Father.
But that is exactly what Christ was crying about in Luke 19:41 and again when he told the women not to cry for Him but for themselves and their children in Luke 23:28.

Oh! If only I could be more like Christ.. less focused on me and more on the lost; less focused on the present and more on eternity.

While we were at MTI we came to know many beautiful witnesses for Christ. One of them who has already make it to the field. He kept stating his fear of how much he’s going to get in the way of God’s plan. I can so relate.

Sometimes I wonder why God chose me to be the reflection of His love to a people who are hurting so much. I am so…Brandy, and not nearly Christ-like enough. But I suppose that’s why He chooses who He chooses because nothing good can come from the Brandy’s or the Ted’s, but Christ shining through us can paint a glorious picture on the canvas of eternity.

I ask you to pray for me this Easter season and for always that I will grow to be more Christ-like and He will shine His light through me to bless my family, my friends and those He brings in my path to minister to.

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  1. I’m really excited to hear that you were at SPLICE! Great newsletter and website, and if I can also add that Spark! was presented at the church I served at in Germany and was very well-received. We also had an unusually large number of attendees that day, and with your work, all part of God’s great plan to revive His church in Germany & throughout Europe!

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