When do we leave?

“What? You’re still here?”

I can’t tell you how often we’re asked this question. It is a difficult question to answer. Initially, our goal was to leave July 31st, 2006. Several target dates have come and gone since then. The pace of fund-raising has changed radically — several times, and we have grown to a whole new acceptance of who is doing the planning. The closest to a leading from the Lord we have right now is July 31st, 2007. Perhaps we had the right date to begin with and just got the year wrong. Certainly, if God provides we’ll be happy to leave sooner. 🙂

While God is at work in many ways preparing for our departure (transforming our hearts, teaching us new skills, growing us as believers, etc), a significant piece of the puzzle remains your partnership. For that reason, I would encourage you to skip over to the “How Can I Help?” section of the FAQ.

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