How can you help?

Boy! Are we glad you asked! Right now we are trying to raise support for long term missionary service in Europe. This is an exhausting and expensive proposition. The truth is we cannot do it alone. We need partners to stand beside us in ministry. There’s several ways you can partner with us:

The best thing you can do for us is to pray! We send out a letter each month detailing the ways you can be praying for us. You can email us (link in left menu) if you’d like to be signed up.

We also need monthly financial supporters. You can easily become one by clicking the “join our support team!” link on the left, but most people need some time to pray and have their questions answered, so we’d encourage you to also hit the email link and let us take you out for a meal so we can discuss partnership. We’re low pressure sort of people, and a meal with us doesn’t mean you’re committed, only that you’re willing to pray and see how God leads you.

Maybe you’re already praying and supporting us financially, or for some reason you can’t. That’s okay. Another key way you can help us is through referrals. It’s almost a given that you know someone who would be a good partner for us. Maybe you know several someones. Let’s talk. Not only can we help you brainstorm some people, but we can also help you through the referral process.

Finally, we believe partnership is more than one way. We hope you’ll avail yourself of our email link, or the comments on various posts to share with us what is happening in your life and how we can pray for you!

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