Nine Years Ago Today…

… Brandy and I were married.

The ceremony took place in a little gazebo behind the Pulaski County Court House in Waynesville, Missouri. Because we planned and executed the wedding in less than 36 hours, we were married by the first minister the court house had on their list. It was an amazing day, and God really moved for us that day, because it was so much more wonderful than anything we could have done with years to plan. Two close friends of mine drove through the night to be there, arriving literally moments before the ceremony. My parents flew in. Brandy walked into the gazebo to a boom box playing a CD I picked up that morning at Walmart. Brittany was an adorable flower girl. Although she did pout a bit that all the attention wasn’t focused on her.

We threw ourselves an impromptu reception at a little German restaurant just up the street. Since it was early afternoon, they were blessedly empty, and the staff went above and beyond as they broke out the champagne and helped us really make something special of the moment. In so many ways, it was the perfect day. I have often told people deep in the contemplation of flowers, musicians, guest lists and bridesmaids, that eloping is a great thing! But in truth, that day pales in comparison to all the days since. God has blessed me beyond compare.

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  1. What a day it was, filled with the presence of God. It was amazing how He made it so very perfect. little did we realize, any of us, that God is also a wedding planner! He orchestrated everything from behind the scenes in such an amazing way! God is Great and Good, and that day will always be an example of how He works in our lives.

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