A Great Week

As many of you know, we’ve been having a pretty rough go of it since July. We’ve had very little forward progress in our support, and to add insult to injury our opportunities to share our mission have seemed to dwindle. I’ve been telling people for the last several weeks though that I could feel a shift in the wind, that a new momentum was building behind us and this week saw the first push.

Regular CQ readers will remember my kidney stone in 2004. I’d been suffering with another one the past several weeks. It was no where near as painful or incapacitating as the last one — it was apparently very small — but did involve several trips to the doctor, and it was enough to really slow me down. Well, as our first blessing of the week, I passed my stone. It sounds a little silly, but it really was a huge blessing to have that taken care of.

To help further enliven us for the week to come we saw a 2% increase this week. That doesn’t sound like much, but in this slow season, it is more than we’ve seen in the last two months combined!

Our next blessing came in a similarly unexpected guise when Colorado Springs was hammered with a massive blizzard. As it turned out, the snow storm was a perfect opportunity for us to contact people who we’ve been struggling to reach. Both our schedules and theirs were curtailed by the snow, and we could finally talk and make appointments.

Finally, we had the opportunity to present our mission to a wonderful church up near Cripple Creek. If you’re ever in the area on a Sunday morning, I heartily recommend to you Rocky Mountain Chapel — not to be confused with Rocky Mountain Calvary Chapel which is also a fine church, but no where near Cripple Creek. Several weeks ago, the pastor invited us to come and speak, and despite weather and some technical challenges with my laptop, we were able to be there and share our mission. The church welcomed us with open arms, our kids even got in on the act, and introduced us to the church.

As with all of our partner development, we won’t know for some time what impact this week will have on our support, or our departure date, but we can feel the wind shifting, and the breeze feels nice! Thank you so much for all your prayers and encouragement.

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