Crazy Summer Days

This summer our kids have been just as busy, if not more so, as the school year. I always tend to think of summer as a time to relax, enjoy a good book and just veg awhile. Not this summer. Colorado’s beautiful mountains hosted some awesome camps for Isaac and Brittany. Faith and Isaac are sharpening their swimming skills at our local Aquatics Fitness Center. All three of our children are learning Okinawan karate. The World Cup generated a family favorite past time that got Isaac itching for a chance to become the next Michael Ballack (Germany’s captain and one of their stars). Isaac, Faith and I did VBS at our church for a week. And Britt is raising funds to go on a Mexico mission trip to build a house for a very needy family. This summer has been crazy, good crazy, but crazy nonetheless. We hope and pray your summer is a good crazy too.

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