The Mirrored Shine of the Father’s Glory

This is the sequel to Grasping

Michael often tells me “Your eyes are sparkly.”

And I morn that I cannot reply,

“They reflect the joy of Jesus Christ in your eyes.”

In reality his eyes, just like all the others,

Reavel the stone prison

In which his love for God that longs to shine is

stobbornly smothered and neglected.

Sadly, still my precious friends refuse to quench

their thirst for Jesus.

The faith that would save their lives

And remake thier hearts of stone to those of

golden joy for Christ continues to be left

Un- toched in thier goblets of the spirit;

All the while scowling at the maiden who pours


If only they would let free thier devestated

Love for God and nourish it to health

Then they too would burn with passion for him, just

as the maiden who offered them golden joy for thier spirits.


As I gaze on Kingly brightness,

May my face display your likeness,

Mirrored here may my life tell your Story,


Continue to have Faith in me,


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  1. We will pray for your dear young friends, for your strength and example, and for God’s blessings as you grow in His spiritual care!

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