Rated PG for ‘Proselytizing’

Did you know that between 1933 and 1967 the church had veto power over hollywood scripts? Prior to the motion picture ratings system, you could fairly safely take your child to the matinee without even knowing what movie you were going to see. The reason for this, is that both the Roman Catholic and Protestant churches worked together to review, edit and approve scripts at the behest of hollywood. Unfortunately, when more resistance mounted to their edits in the late sixties, rather than persevere, both churches walked away. Now, nearly forty years later, we’ve reached a new low. Now religious content is viewed by the MPAA is dangerous for children. Unbelievable!
I don’t know a thing about this film, and have only read the article linked above, but I’m pretty staggered by the implications of this.

UPDATE: Here’s another article covering this. (Warning: the author uses some offensive language in the process of explaining the distinction between PG-13 and R ratings) The most interesting tidbit for me was this:

But here’s the interesting and somewhat ironic kicker: The movie was made by Provident Films, a Tennessee-based production company that specializes in faith-based entertainment and is owned by Sony. Yes, Sony. The same Sony that put out The Da Vinci Code. (The company is in the Christian film business via its Sony/BMG Music division.)

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