Prayer Requests

Praise: We sold our car! That means we have money to live on through mid-June! By that point we expect to be living on support.

Our Home: We are trying to prepare our home to be sold. We had actually hoped to be in the process of selling it now, but the process continues to go slowly. We have had many experts disagree on what we should do to sell the house, and things keep breaking. Selling the house for a good price is an essential part of our plan for how we will live in Europe. Please pray that God will guide us in what to fix, how best to prepare, and who is the right buyer.

Supporters: We still need lots of prayer that God will raise up supporters for us and guide us to them. Right now we’re going through a little bit of a dry spell, struggling to reach people. Please pray that we would be tenacious and people would be responsive.

Encouragement: Between the issues with our house and the slow down in new support, Satan seems to have found a new way to assault and discourage us. Please uphold our hearts and spirits in your prayers!

Thank you so much! You mean the world to us.

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