Finding a Penny and Discovering it’s Made of Diamonds

Lately, I’ve been noticing how God likes to hide little surprises in what seems to be perfectly ordinary; like CSAPs! (I’ll explain that one later.) My main example is my friends. Everyone says they’re special and, we all agree because, hey, what’s life wihout a few fun back and forth teasing sessions with your best bud? But they aren’t just fun all the time, no they can be much, much, more. Friends are often even more than just someone to keep your secrets. Friends are normal, but when they cry with you because the person who has made themselves your personal bully went too far, that’s not a feeling you can explain in any words normal or not. Friends are a basic for all, but when they’ll do somthing extremely odd (Like dye your hair purple or jump up and down like an insane fool just to say Hi.) just for your sake, you feel unlimited amounts of love!

My point is that God can give very special surprises in very ordinary things; like, when, in CSAPs today we had to pretend to we could go back in time. I wrote about witnessing Daniel and the Lion’s Den that, of all things, helped me realize what a loving God we are a people of. Any way I just found that interesting in a nice sort of way.

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