Thank You!

I know that many of you are praying out there, and I want you to know we felt it this week! God has really been moving. On January 15th, when we started our fulltime fundraising, we had raised only 6% of our support. This week we reached 22%, and we had only 12 at the beginning of the week. I don’t know if it’s a record, but 10% in a week can’t be confused with anything besides God moving!

We believe firmly that God is answering prayers. Ours and yours. As you know, we’ve set a very aggressive goal to reach Europe by the 31st of July. That’s only 23 weeks away. Please keep praying that God will continue to do miraculous things as we prepare for the field.

UPDATE: Shortly after writing this on Saturday we got another call from a new partner, taking us up to 24%! God is truly faithful.

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  1. That’s great news, Ted! I am continuing to pray for you guys. Lord bless!

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