Success in Durango!

We started the journey on Friday, since Isaac and I had an early release from school (Yes!). We got to our destination of Comfort Inn about 6:40. We got a little antsy the last half hour, so Mommy and Daddy used the voices of Miss Piggy and Kermit the Frog to entertain us. On thing that “Kermit” (or Dad) said we’re sill repeating, “I am hoping it will be comfortable!”

The second day, we got to Grandma and Papa’s friend, the Parnell’s, house. They lived right by a little river. It was beautiful! While we were there we got to meet Phillippe, the foreign exchange student Ms. Mary and Mr. Charlie were housing from Brazil. It was neat to meet him. That night we lodged at the church’s (Hesperus Baptist) quaint little camp.

That morning was the big one. Dad and Mom rehearsed one more time. We headed to the church; us kids joined the Sunday School that was there and had a blast while Mome and Dad were chatting with the minister.

We sang some songs and then the big moment was here. Mom and Dad spoke with such passion! Seated where I was in the pew, I could feel the determined motivation to do something from the crowd. The words spoken weren’t ones that had been wrung with practice to the average speech, but ones perfected to above advanced by the holy Lord. Afterward the church committed to praying for us, which we were so thankful for because prayer is so important and helpful.

“We loaded ’em up and moved ’em out” as Papa said, and had a smooth sail home singing opera about a lampost named Bob and a lemur named Fred. (We like to have Daddy make up songs about absurd things.)
Well one down, plenty left to go. Le’s hope they are all as successful.

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