How you can pray for us, Feb 14th

I know that many of you are in prayer for us, and I wanted to take a moment to pass on some specifics. For me, I always feel like a more useful prayer if I have something specific to pray about. I know that God understands all the details regardless, but it helps keep me motivated.

Support raising: Thus far, all of our appointments have been arranged face to face with people we’re fairly close to. We’re widening the circle this week, making phone calls — which I really don’t like — and some of the people we’re contacing we don’t know as well. Please be in prayer, that I will actually make the phone calls, that the people we call will be receptive, and that God will redeem our efforts by raising up another group of supporters for our ministry. Also, we are working to make contact with several different churches. Please, pray that those contacts will be fruitful.

Distractions: After barraging us with illnesses failed to pull us off track, Satan has been assaulting me with distractions. Last week they were very effective, and I didn’t get nearly enough support raising done. Please be in prayer that I will be able to focus this week!

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