Britt wrote this some time last year and has written an addition to it this year regarding her friends at Middle School. As you can see she has a huge burden for her friends and their lives and salvation. If you’d pray for both Britt and her friends she’d be greatly appreciative. It’s quite an honor to have such a Christ-minded middle schooler. I thank my God everyday for her and her siblings. To think God would have chosen a selfish and rebelling 17-year old to bless with this wonderful individual who loves so deeply.

“Grasping with unseeing eyes,
Grasping with numb hands and a concealed heart;
to find the one thing worht worshipping.
This is what my dear friends are
battling against.
It is a heartbreaking sight.

I pour out the precious droplets of faith into their
golden jewel rimmed, name plated goblets of life,
but they are left to evaporate

I will continue to shine with the overflowing
joy of Jesus Chrust in front of their crippled lives;
But only You Lord, have the power to open their
eyes, warm their hands and shatter the walls of concealment.

‘Lord grant me
the serenity
to accept the things
I cannot change,
they courage to change
the things I can, and
the wisdom to know the difference.’

In all, Lord
Let them know the

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