Today was spent translating the interviews. It’s just a first pass through each one, where Jason is paraphrasing (very closely) the comments into English along with the video time code. Next week, he will go through and type up a German transcript, and then a word by word English translation for me to edit with, but for the moment, we are just trying to get a feel for what we have. I should reiterate that there are some powerful messages here.

Translating the hours of footage is intense and exhausting work, because for Jason it requires a great deal of mental effort, flipping back and forth from German to English in his mind, while trying to remember long sentences and for me because only understanding one word in twenty, it’s easy for me to drift off. By 10am, I found myself fighting sleep.

Brandy pitched in to help out for a few hours. (Once she finished another outing with Sue) And actually improved our system, taking over the typing and moving Jason onto the video editor where he could control how much material he wanted to try to translate at a time.

Brandy typing

Once she was done, I went back to work as the typist for a bit before we quit for the evening.
Jason and I hard at work

Once we had finished our translation work, I took Brandy out for rumpsteak mit krueterbutter. The steak is not so different from what we might get in the states, but the herbal butter that’s on it is truly incredible! I’ve been wanting one for about 13 years now, and boy was it worth the wait. Afterwards we hopped the S-bahn (subway) down to the Cologne Cathederal. Unfortunately it was closed, a somewhat unheard of event, and due to the rain, we made a dash back to Jason and Sue’s for the night. But on the way back Brandy saw her first snail… Many of you may be asking yourselves why this is significant. I understand. I wonder as well. But it was so important to Brandy she had to take a picture to share with you. His shell is about the size of a quarter. I few hundred kilometers west, and some Frenchman might be trying to eat this little guy.

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