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Rear Window

Can you name the movie this picture is from? The answer is no, because it isn’t from a movie, but if you guessed Alfred Hitchcock’s Rear Window, your brain must work a little like mine. This is the view from Jason and Sue’s deck here in Cologne, and its pretty spectacular. They even have their own set of colorful neighbors making appearances in the varied windows across the street. I wanted to take a moment and show you what we’ve been looking a the last week, as we prepare for our departure. The truth is, the people out that window would fit just as confortably across the street from you in the states, as they would in Alfred Hitchcock’s movie. (And to the best of my knowledge their all law abiding, friendly people, so it would have been a very short film here). That, I think has struck me more than anything else I’ve seen here this week. The German people may speak a different language, have different traditions and holidays, and different rules of ettiquitte, but it doesn’t take 2 minutes to see past all that, to people not very different from the people in the U.S. The only difference that matters is that in the U. S. there are at least four churches right by my house where I can go and hear the Gospel. Here, I could live in a community of 20,000 , walk past a church everyday, and never get near the Gospel.

Enough of my sermon, let me tell you about our day. We got up this morning and visited a church which graciously allowed me to film their service. It was very similar to what you might expect from a small church in the US. Some of the songs were even the same (although in German). Then we came back to the Holm’s house to hit the translation hard. We just finished at about 10:30pm. While Brandy and I got a brief break to run into town and experience the Dome (the largest Cathederal in Europe) and to experience the Chistopher’s Day parade (basically a gay pride parade) Jason and Sue continued the translation work.

Let me digress a moment, and share about the parade. I saw a lot of things that I think I could have gone the rest of my life without seeing, but never in my life has my heart been so broken. We walked through literally throngs of people who needed Jesus desperately! And I’m not only referring to the Homosexuals, there were people of all stripes acting out in a desperate attempt to bring meaning to their lives. This is such a ripe mission field!

Back to the work… After many hours of typing, a soar back and hands, I asked Brandy to take a shift again. Her reply was as follows:


Not really. She offered to step in and help several times, and I kept putting it off, saving her for when I REALLY needed a break. Finally we made it, and then we went out and sat on the deck pictured above and watched the sun finally wink out over Cologne as we had dessert and shared a time of prayer.

Please pray for our travel over the next several days as we sweep across southern Germany and then head home. Thank you so much for your prayers thus far. We’re blessed to have such loyal friends.

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