Job’s Done!

Ok…. So what does that mean? Aside from the reference to Blizzard‘s Warcraft II, it means I have passed two significant milestones in our efforts to assimilate our trip and get moving back to Europe:

1) I have officially tendered my resignation here at First Pres.

2) I have completed a new video for us to show to potential supporters using the footage from our trip.

I am being brief to try to keep this a quick read, for more detail, click “More” to read on.

My last day will be January 15th which gives us 6 months (and 16 days) to finish raising our support. We have a long way to go, but we won’t be sitting on our hands the next 6 months either.

Regarding the video, I’m working on building a quicktime file small enough that you can watch it without a major download, but I don’t want to lose how pretty the shots are either. 😉 For a long time we have been using a video the mission produced to demonstrate the spiritual state of Europe for people. It’s a good video, and I think effective for the way we have been using it. However, there is a certain lack of credibility in my world in saying, “Hey, send me to Europe to produce videos, and so that you know it’s important let me show you a video I didn’t make!” I think the video turned out nicely. I am awaiting some German translation improvements to my subtitles from Jason. (I used his original translations and some of them were more paraphrase than others.)

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