Final Boarding Call

Today is the day. A little over three years ago now, when I quit my job to start making films for Jesus, I had to get in a car and drive from Colorado Springs to Grand Rapids, MI by myself. As you can imagine, I spent a great deal of time thinking “what am I doing? Have I gone crazy?” In truth I spent a lot of that drive in prayer, and God’s answer was to give me a song. It’s by an artist named Mark Schultz. He writes fabulous music, and I highly recommend him. The song is called “When the Mountains Fall” and the chorus says this:

When the mountains fall
When the rivers rise
Security crumbles before your eyes
The one thing you know
In faith you’ll find
Something to stand on or you will be taught to fly

I spent most of the next year reminding myself that God was either going to give me a place to stand or he was going to teach me to fly. I don’t know why I have that song in my head today. As steps of faith go, this is a tiny one compared with the one I took in 2002. Maybe it’s that I’m finally approaching my place to stand?

Many of you have taken the time to share that you will be praying for us, and I can’t possibly tell you how much that means to us. I firmly believe your prayers are the most important element of this mission. All our planning, skill, money, and time invested cannot equal the power of your prayer. Thank you and God bless you!

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  1. They are Safely Halfway ‘Round the World!

    It is just after 6:30 AM. The phone just rang and Ted and Brandy are safe in Germany, have contacted their Greater European Missions sponsors, and they are in route to meet them. We even have a phone number now and when they are settled we’ll be able to reach them. Praise to God for each step along His mission path!

    Brit, Isaac, and Faith said goodbye with us yesteray afternoon about 2:00 PM then watched the skys for their 3:00 PM departure, a 45 minute delay that threatened their plane change to the international flight in Chicago, reducing it to 25 minutes including a terminal change. Clearly, their brief call this morning reflects that essential events fell into place.

    We were also able to reach Enga Embert, a dear friend of both our and Brandy’s family from Neu Ulm, Germany, when Brandy and Ted were in high school together. An adopted spiritual grandmother, Enga was overjoyed to know they will be by to see her

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