Economic decline in Germany

The Telegraph has produced an article about the decline of the German economy. (Hat tip: Powerline) Once again this is a post which has been languishing on my desk for a long time. I want to appeal to our readers again to consider the importance of Europe as a mission field. The article talks at some length about the decline of the German economy in comparison to it’s EU bretheren, but I think the conclusion is the most concise and important look at the issue:

Its once generous welfare state now looks completely unaffordable and Germany is now suffering a brain drain of scientists.

A people with a reputation as the hardest-working in Europe have come to hate work and unemployment has reached a higher level than at any other time since the Second World War.

What we see here is the failure of secular humanism. We’re each born with a unique need to relate to God, one which can only be fulfilled by relating to God. For all of history since the fall we have struggled to fill that need in a myriad of other ways: sex, drugs, gluttony, power… but nothing has ever worked. Just as the writer of ecclesiastes discovered so long ago:

What does man gain from all his labor at which he toils under the sun? —Ecclesiastes 1:3

The writer tells us it is all meaningless. It certainly appears that the German is drawing the same conclusion. Now is the moment to aquaint them with Christ. He is meaningful! He can fill the void which is destroying them.

What does this mean for you? Think about the great commission. We are, each one of us, called to participate in the spread of the Gospel. Maybe you’re called to go, or maybe you’re called to be a prayer warrior. Maybe God want’s you to partner with a ministry financially. I would encourage you — no matter what — to pray. Pray that God will show you his plan for your life. Pray that God will light a fire of envangelism in Europe. Pray for Creative Works, and reaching the people of Europe through art and media. If you’re looking for a way to get involved, we’d love to hear from you.

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