Recovery at home

Great news on the Tim front. He has been approved to recover at home. He and Vanessa are catching a plane today for the long flight back from Hawaii to Colorado Springs, but once that ordeal is finished he will get to spend his recovery time in his house with his wife and children and with family around to support him.

At present the doctors are suggesting he will be walking with a cane for a long time, possibly as long as a year, but I feel very strongly that being able to recover here as opposed to alone in Hawaii is a huge blessing. Praise God. Please continue to pray for Tim as his ordeal is not over, but be encouraged. God has worked in miraculous ways throughout this process. Not only has he healed Tim’s body, but I am hearing glowing reports about Tim’s spirts and his relationship with Christ. This experience has moved him even closer to our mighty God and that is a treasure beyond words. Thank you all so much.

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