Isaac is quite the athletic little man. He impressed his PE teacher the other day because hes been teaching himself how to stand on his head, and he has awesome strength and agility, too. When our very best friends came over a couple weeks ago, (to celebrate Teds 30th) Isaac was throwing beautiful spirals uphill to Jeff, who is a towering 64. It was quite a feat on Isaacs part. (Isaac was throwing better then Jeff, too :))

Isaac has been plowing along on his piano. Hes composed a couple of different little snippets of music. One hes said is the beginning of a fairy tale. Another sounds like the middle of horror movie, if you ask me. But hes doing really well, so well that were going to try something new. Ill be teaching him piano after my class ends in March, and well use the money to further his physical talent with Karate.

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