First Mate Blackheart Steel Tooth

Brittany got straight As this quarter. Shes extremely proud of herself. She never thought she could do it. Ted and I knew it was in her, she just had to find the motivation. Now that shes going to the same school as her best friend, they compete, I think, to see who can get the better grades. Shes still blasting out on the trumpet and doing very well. Shes also been tinkering on the piano, reading Isaacs piano books and teaching herself how to play. Shes read through the Lord of the Rings trilogy again, and is very much enjoying the Lemony Snicket books. She went to camp the weekend of Jan 21-23 with the Jr. High for a Pirate Retreat. Her pirate name is First Mate Blackheart Steel Tooth. Valerie, her best friend, is Captain Long John Val. Ill try to attach the story behind the names soon. They returned with A Pirates Life for Me sweatshirts. (No, Virginia, sorry you cannot have one :))

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