A Crazy Birthday

For my birthday, Brandy took me to see the national tour of Crazy For You. For those not familiar, Crazy For You is basically a greatest hits of Gershwin music. The author has written a story to fit a collection of Gershwin music, essentially creating a new Gershwin musical. It was a great time, and the first opportunity we’ve had to get out to the theatre in a long time.

While I had never seen the show before, I had read a review or two, and as I recall it has largely been critiqued for a somewhat disjointed feeling between the text and the music. In other words, it feels like the story and the music weren’t originally intended to go together. I’ll admit that I agree with this critique to some extent, but I don’t think it in any way diminished my enjoyment of the show.

The basic message (at least what I perceived) was that love is more important that money, our career aspirations, or any life’s other distractions. While I understand this as being an outgrowth of George and Ira Gershwin’s roots as song writers in the depression, I see it as a remarkably Christian message. If we boil down discipleship is it not just making our love affair with Christ more important than our own hopes, dreams, aspirations and measures of success?

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