The perfect time…

Recently, the Economist (subscription required) posted an article on the sudden increasing importance of values in German society. (Hat tip: Wizbang) Specifically they talk about politicians beginning to speak about values, and a new importance being assigned to patriotism, morality and religion. If this article is correct, it means that the people of Germany are searching. It also means that now may be the perfect moment for European missions.

Todays Europeans tend to be cynical particularly with regard to Christianity. Many are agnostic, or opting for a sort of religious cafeteria plan. After 2000 years there is a perception that Christianity is something old and tired, something that didn’t work. But in this time of spiritual emptiness, the people seem to be searching, trying to find the meaning in life that Christianity offers.

At this moment, the German Chancellor and other political figures are trying to put on their Sunday best, if you will. It is critical that the truth of Jesus Christ be represented by real believers and not merely by the ambitious. The difference between a flash in the pan, and genuine religious revival may hinge on how the people of Europe experience Christians during this time. Now is an historic opportunity to bring positive change to the culture in Europe. Will we? Or will we sit back while it is used cheaply as a political tool?

As Brandy and I have been raising our support, the most common issue we have faced is that people don’t see Europe as a mission field. This is covered in our FAQ on the left, and if you find yourself in that group I encourage you to read it. Europe is a society adrift. At this moment, Europeans are taking a backward glance at Christianity. That’s why our mission is so important. With the help of the faithful here, we can begin to show Europe the truth of Christianity. Not a political tool, or a fad, but the miraculous, life changing power of Jesus Christ.

If you are already supporting our mission, thanks, and God Bless you. If you are not, please consider taking a moment to click the “join our support team” link on the left and make a faith promise. Europe continues to be one of the most influential spots on the earth — refugees from all over the world flood into this economic and political powerhouse — and also one of the least evangelized.

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