Why Film and Video?

Film and Video are both wonderful communications tools. I think it’s important to be clear up front that they are not a complete ministry. The best movie or video ever created can’t create a relationship with Jesus Christ.

However, many people will watch a short video, who would never sit through a sermon. Visual media can often powerfully connect with an audience in a very short span of time. This has direct application to Christian mission. At this time nearly six billion people have seen the Jesus Film in the 25 years since it was produced. Recently millions were touched by the Passion of the Christ.

Despite the obvious power of the medium, the church has yet to invest significantly in this form of communication. In fact, most churches still rely on speaking as their primary means of communication. While a good speaker can be very powerful, 40% of us learn best while experiencing something visually, whereas only 20% learn effectively from audio communication. While we sit and listen in church, Hollywood floods the world with messages that morality is relative, sexual promiscuity is good, pornography, homosexuality, and abortion are mainstream.

This is why we feel strongly that ministry through video can make a powerful difference in redeeming Europe.

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  1. Ted,
    I could not have put it better. I believe in what you guys are doing and am always praying for you and your ministry. I’ll keep you posted on my future productiions. Current production is coming together. Still wish I could have got you and Brandy to do some voice work for my movie, but understand all the hard work you’ve been doing.

    Keep up the great job you two.

    In Christ

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