Ted’s Kidney Stone

We want to apologize for not getting this out sooner to you all, but the last week and a half of September brought more then enough excitement for us all.

It started one Monday night. The kids were all tucked in bed, nice and quiet. Ted had just come home from school and started to feel yucky. Since neither one of us has had any experience with kidney stones, we just assumed it was stomach problems. This is a fairly regular occurance so I went to sleep and poor Ted continued to feel worse and worse, until morning arrived and he was in complete agony. He woke me early, and I rushed to Walgreens to asked the Pharmasist what he recommended. The Pharmasist said the ER. So I went home and took Ted to the ER.

When he arrived the nurse knew exactly what was going on and proceeded to administer meds. Seven hours later we were home and it was in fact a kidney stone. He continued to be in huge amounts of pain until Friday, [the meds the ER provided never managed to stay down long enough to do much good] when we decided to make an appointment with the Urologist. He recommended hospitalization and a procedure to remove the stone because there was only a 50% chance Ted would be able to pass it on his own, even with an IV to keep him hydrated. So we went to the hospital and admitted him. Between time spent waiting for the Doctor, going through admissions at the hospital, and waiting for the computers to catch up and provide the nurses with information on Ted’s meds, he had been completely with out pain medication for several hours. So he was in more agony then anybody I’ve ever seen. [I had actually managed to hyperventalate, and so Brandy had the distinct pleasure of watching me convulse on the bed for about 30 minutes, until she was finally able to get her hands on a nurse] It was quite unpleasant, to say the least. But the next morning he had his procedure and he is recuperating slowly.

Even though this was a huge and horrible experience for all of us, God was with us the whole time. When I took Ted to the ER, Ted’s parents got Britt and Isaac to school, with lunches made, and kept Faith all day til we got home (they even got the garbage out 😉 My mom happened to be visiting, that weekend so , again, we had wonderful in house child care! Which was a huge blessing to me. Ted was in too much pain to care, but I was so blessed to not have to have all the kids with us or worry about leaving them alone or with someone they didn’t know too well (Ted’s parents were going out of town for a special occassion with some very close friends). And Mom even cleaned house. 🙂

[I also have to note that my work was fantastic. My boss showed up at the ER that first day early in the afternoon to see how I was doing, and assure me that they would get by without me for as long as it took for me to recover. My coworkers covered and covered in my absence and only called at the most significant need so as not to disturb my rest and recuperation.]

What more could you ask for? God is good. We have yet to receive the hospital bill, [we could use prayer about that] but God will provide. He always has, and will continue to do so.

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