Amid the Chaos

image courtesy of aaronwilcox29 – CC0

Have you ever had this experience? You sit down to try to have a moment of quiet with the Lord and suddenly everything is distracting you? You’re looking for the picture above, but

As I tried to create a quiet moment with the Lord this morning, my downstairs neighbor started beating something with a hammer, a nearby computer was dinging notifications, my wife began tidying the room around me, and traffic noise outside the window picked up appreciably.

I thought, Lord, surely you could create a moment of peace for us to connect. Afterall, God is supremely powerful. He exists outside of time, beyond our concept of space or universe. With a snap of his fingers, time could come to a complete stop, like in a movie, and it could be just he and I in a pocket of endless peace, together. That would be something.

I think God chuckled at my idea. His response was clear. Life is not peaceful. It is a constant chaotic tumult bent on distracting me from relationship with him. He isn’t concerned with giving me a moment of peace because that isn’t where he wants our relationship to take place. He wants to be connected always… amid the chaos.

I can’t tell you how many distractions have occurred just in the short time I’ve spent trying to write this down. While my awareness and attentiveness to God have ebbed and flowed, he’s been here the whole time.